Signals & Communications

With experience on Class I, regional and short line, our Signals & Communications (S&C) divisions deliver comprehensive service throughout India. We have a long history on the forefront of railroad technology and infrastructure, and leverage that experience to provide a range of important services. Trust Suvrashila Engineering for signal design review, procurement, wiring, testing, inspections and more.

We are lengthy experience constructing, testing and maintaining S&C infrastructure. Thanks to a rigorously trained team of technicians and specialists, we can offer a wide range of services unmatched elsewhere in the industry. We specialize in:

Positive Train Control (PTC) Systems – Suvrashila Engineering ongoing collaboration with systems manufacturers and designers, along with our experience in wayside installations for PTC components, ensures owners of a reliable PTC solution.

Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) – Suvrashila Engineering will install and test wayside train control signals, interlocking plants, control points and wayside detector systems.

Crossing Warning Systems – Suvrashila Engineering works closely with servicing railroads and state and provincial transportation departments/agencies to install and test highway/rail grade crossing warning systems.

Signal Houses – Suvrashila Engineering can provide fully wired and tested shelters and racks for both signals and communications-type systems.

Rail and Commuter Signaling – With experience working in active train environments, RailWorks provides comprehensive signal installation and maintenance services for new and existing transit and commuter rail operations.

Communications Systems – Suvrashila Engineering will install and test communications systems for wayside train control signals, interlocking plants, control points and wayside detector systems.

Wayside Inspection Systems – Suvrashila Engineering has experience installing various wayside detector systems, including high-water detectors, hot box detectors, hot-wheel detectors, dragging equipment detectors and AEI sites.

Switch Clearing Devices – To address extreme winter weather, RailWorks specializes in installing all types of switch clearing devices (SCDs), including electric, propane and natural gas. Certified gas technicians ensure proper installation and meet safety standards.

Cable and Conduit – Suvrashila Engineering will perform conduit installation and cable jetting for all types of cable, including fiber optic cable.

In addition, Suvrashila Engineering provides inspection and maintenance services to ensure signal function and regulation compliance, administered by our highly trained team of technicians and rail specialists.