Treatment facility and Cleaner Trains

Suvrashila Engineering performs mechanical maintenance, inspections, repairs and cleaning, as well as providing equipment and supplies for the transportation industry with a niche in passenger rail. Suvrashila Engineering started as a commercial cleaning company in 2019. Suvrashila Engineering has been chosen and trusted by the rail industry for our commitment to quality, service and integrity. Our reputation as a professional and dedicated company is unmatched.

Suvrashila Engineering routinely provides layover and turnaround cleaning services for coach railcars, cab railcars, and locomotives as well as for stations and other facilities. Our personnel are skilled in the use of cleaning and sanitizing equipment meeting and exceeding FDA requirements to ensure our clients' facilities and equipment are safe and comfortable for workers and passengers.

Cleaning services include:
 Waste pumping
 Universal waste disposal
 Decontamination services
 Carpet cleaning
  Exterior and interior window cleaning
  Onboard inventory replenishment and management